One Piece Fans Will Witness An Extraordinary Battle Between Luffy And Katakuri, Says Director.

One Piece Fans Will Witness An Extraordinary Battle Between Luffy And Katakuri, Says Director.

One Piece Fans Will Witness An Extraordinary Battle Between Luffy And Katakuri, Says Director.
The big fight.

One Piece is incomplete without its action. All the major arcs in the series are known for its exciting battles which kept fans on the edge. Usually, you can’t say an arc is over until Luffy beats the hell out of the major antagonist in fashion.

Fans don’t want to see an arc where Luffy backs off from a fight, they want to see him go toe to toe with the strongest pirates. From Arlong to Doflamingo, One Piece has always proved that a good arc is not complete until there is a fight between the main antagonist and Luffy.

One Piece Luffy vs Katakuri

With One Piece episode 831, the hellish tea party has finally begun and the anime is preparing for the biggest fight in the entire Whole Cake Island arc. The director is very busy in shaping the fight, and he wants fans to be very excited about it.

Yes, I’m talking about the big showdown between Monkey D. Luffy and Charlotte Katakuri. Its only time that the real fight begins in the anime. It will be a contest that will never be forgotten. It’s also the biggest fight we’ll be having since Dressrosa.

Toshinori Fukuzawa, the director of One Piece recently revealed the future Of the Whole Cake Island arc in an interview which was published in the official One Piece Magazine. During his conversation, he made sure fans get hyped up on the upcoming battle. Fans quickly shared Fukuzawa’s interview details with the world.

Spoiler ahead, according to the interview:

  • Luffy vs Katakuri
  • The coming highlight is the wedding. There will be some musical scenes, especially that Kouhei Tanaka wrote a 4-minute-long piece of music for the Big Guests’ entrance before the party.
  • Fukasawa used to be worried about how to present the guests’ entrance scenes in the anime after reading the chapter. But the episode director (Aya Komaki) of this episode is trustworthy.
  • The action scenes of Germa 66 is another highlight in the future. The staff plan to add more of their acrobatic movements showing each personality. They will also put effort into the transforming scenes too. (The current producer Koyama also said in another interview that Kouhei Tanaka is writing music for the transforming scenes.)
  • Oda had detailed settings for ALL of Big Mom’s sons and daughters with their rough designs, names, ages, multiple-birth information and so on. The anime staff uses these settings including Oda’s memos and sketches as reference materials.
  • To present the atmosphere of the party venue, all the sweets surrounding the venue were made by CG. In order to present the fantastic atmosphere, they chose some more poisonous colors when they were making these sweets.
  • Fukasawa is looking forward to Luffy’s fight against Katakuri. The fight embodied the masculine spirits and it also showed Luffy’s growth. Fukasawa hopes to put effort into the fight.
  • Fukasawa also said he likes Bege. He wants to describe this character tightly as well as other members of Bege’s family like Vito and Gotti.”

Whole Cake Island:

One Piece prepares for the battle

Now, this is not new for them to put this much effort into a fight.The last major battle One Piece had, was between Luffy and Doflaming and it was damn good.Of course, Luffy fought Cracker in WCI but, his fight with Doflamingo was more intense.

This time it’s the Yonko’ commander himself.Katakuri is very formidable with his Mochi Mochi devil fruit and advanced observation Haki.The fight will also introduce us to Luffy’s new Gear 4 Snakeman form, something which fans are early waiting to see.

If the manga can pull the battle so good, the anime adaptation is ought to make it even more interesting. It will be a treat to see both of them in an all-out battle in the anime version.Also, fans can expect a lot of episodes covering only their fight.

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