‘One Punch Man’ Teases the Release of Season 2 and More


If you have been waiting for new information on One Punch Man, get ready. The series has been on hiatus for awhile, but that will all change this year. After all, it looks like the folks behind the anime just teased when fans will get their first-look at the new season.

‘One Punch Man’ Teases the Release of Season 2 and More

So, mark your calendars! August is going to be a big month for you Heroes Association otakus.

This week, Anime Japan is going down in Tokyo, and the annual event has brought out all sorts of news. Not long ago, One Punch Man joined that roster when it made two announcements.

One, Hikaru Hidorikawa has been cast as Garou in the anime. The voice actor will make his One Punch Man debut with the role. As for the second piece, the anime’s social media pages confirmed a One Punch Man anime event will take place on August 12 with the release date of season 2 of One Punch Man coming in September 2018.

‘One Punch Man’ Teases the Release of Season 2 and More

The gathering, which is being called ‘One Punch Man Maji Gakuensai,’ is bound to have a trailer or teaser of some sort. Anime events like this tend to tease the next steps for an anime, so if worst comes to worst, fans will get a premiere date at the summertime event.

This is not the first teaser fans have gotten in regards to One Punch Man’s season two trailer. Not long ago, the anime’s character designer made an appearance at a convention where he jokingly touched upon the reel. When a fan asked Chikashi Kubota about his on-going projects, the artist nodded to both his work on FLCL and One Punch Man.

‘One Punch Man’ Teases the Release of Season 2 and More

“Kubota told me that the FLCL 2 trailer is finished and should be made public in the next week or so,” the fan relayed on Twitter. “As for One Punch Man 2, he answered it would be before Evangelion Final.”While the fan stressed Kubota gave his answer in a joking manner, today’s new announcement has fans pretty suspicious. The statement reassured fans the second season is still in production, so there is bound to be some finished footage by August. So, here’s to hoping the crew behind One Punch Man delivers a knockout this August.

‘One Punch Man’ Teases the Release of Season 2 and More

For those unfamiliar with One Punch Man, the series follows Saitama, a regular working Joe who one day puts a stop to a violent villain attack. After this fight Saitama is inspired to become a hero. Training his body hard everyday, he’s eventually granted with extreme strength. Looking for a worthy opponent, Saitama joins the Hero Association in the hopes of fighting them. But every fight he gets into ends after a single punch! Forced to wander through life increasingly bored of his supreme power, Saitama has become hilariously disconnected with the world of action around him.

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