Preview of 2016 Pokémon Film Shows New Pokémon


The September issue of Shogakukan‘s Coro Coro Comics magazine will reveal on Wednesday that the Pokémon the Movie: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages film will show a new Pokémon in the preview for next year’s Pokémon film. The magazine shows a green, worm-like Pokémon. The new Pokémon will appear in the Pokémon TV anime next year. The magazine also hints that Zygarde, who will appear in the Pokémon XY Tokubetsu-hen Saikyō no Mega Shinka ~Act IV~ (Pokémon XY Special Episode: The Strongest Mega Evolution Act IV) television special this fall, might be related to the new green Pokémon.

The preview for the next film also shows the silhouette of a larger Pokémon, though its relationship to the green Pokémon is unclear.

Preview of 2016 Pokémon Film Shows New Pokémon
The film guest stars:

  • Tatsuya Fujiwara as Balza
  • Shinichi Shinohara (Olympic judo athlete) as Hipopotasu
  • Shoko Nakagawa as Mary
  • Kouichi Yamadera as Hoopa Unbound
  • Mizuki Yamamoto as the Narrator for the Pikachu to Pokémon Ongakutai short

The film premiered in Japan on July 18, and features the main cast of Pocket Monsters XY, Legendary Pokémon from past generations, and movie original characters.

Preview of 2016 Pokémon Film Shows New Pokémon

The Pokémon Company describes the film’s story:

The 70-minute animated movie takes Ash, Pikachu, and their friends to a desert city by the sea. Here they meet the Mythical Pokémon Hoopa, which has the ability to summon things—including people and Pokémon—through its magic rings.After a scary incident, they learn of a story about a brave hero who stopped the rampage of a terrifying Pokémon long ago. Now, the threat that has been bottled up for years is in danger of breaking loose again! Can Ash help his new friend overcome the darkness within…or will a dangerous secret erupt into a clash of legends?

The Pikachu to Pokémon Ongakutai (Pikachu & the Pokémon Music Band) anime short screened before the film.

The 2014 Pokémon film, Pokémon the Movie XY: Hakai no Mayu to Diancie (Pokémon the Movie: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction), premiered in Japan last July. Via ANN


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