"One Piece" Author Teases "Love Live!" Collaboration

“One Piece” Author Teases “Love Live!” Collaboration

The Kanda Myojin Shinto shrine in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan was built in Tenpyō Era around 730AD, then, in the Edo Era, moved to its current location near Akihabara in 1616AD. In recent years, it’s embraced its proximity to the geek mecca with measures like selling computer chip omamori (charms) to ward off theft and hacking. Last fall, after displaying ita-ema with otaku art drawn on wooden prayer plaques, they began offering their own featuring Love Live’s Nozomi Toujo as a shrine maiden.

According to his author comments in the latest Shonen Jump, One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda recently visited and came away a convert!

Watch out, productivity!

From Viz’s English edition


From the Japanese edition


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