The 10 Best Isekai Anime Where MC Is Reincarnated In Another World

Best Isekai List About Anime Series Where MC is Reincarnated/Reborn in Another World

Hey everyone, welcome back to Sotaku, where in this post we will be depicting the genre of isekai anime where mc is Reincarnated or reborn and got the chance to live a new life in another world.

An isekai anime by definition is a genre of anime involving “accidental travel” from one real-world location, usually Earth, to another fantasy world, where the rules of physics go out the window.

So today we will be looking at some of the best isekai anime series where the mc gets isekai ‘ed and reborn in another world.

10. Okaasan Online

isekai anime with overpowered main character

Starting the list of the best isekai anime where mc is Reincarnated with Okaasan Online. Well, Imagine you are playing an online game, and you’re pretty good at it. But when your mom starts playing she turns out to be much better than you…

That is the life of Masuto Oosuki when he starts playing a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, also known as an MMO-RPG. He realizes that his overbearing mother is so much better than him in the game than he is. Her skills are so much stronger than his, and because of this, she has absolutely no trouble dealing with enemies in the game. This anime is classified into adventure, comedy, and fantasy and with the plot, there is no surprise that it belongs in this category.

9. Maou-Sama Retry


isekai anime


Moving up to number 9 of the best isekai anime where mc is Reincarnated in a fantasy world, we have Maou-Sama Retry. In this series, the main character is a man by the name of Akira Oono and he manages an MMO RPG called Infinite Game.

That is until he decides to shut down the servers for the game. The end, right? Wrong! He is instead transported into the world in the body of the game’s Demon King.

He finds a girl named Aku, and together they travel this fantasy world looking for the reason he was brought there in the first place.

This anime is fairly recent, originally being released in July of 2019, and unfortunately for people who loved it, it doesn’t look like a season 2 will be made for now. But still a great anime.

8. Shinchou Yuusha



Next at number 8, Shinchou Yuusha, otherwise known as Cautious Hero. Even more recent than Maou-Sama Retry, premiering in October 2019, this anime falls into categories of action, adventure, fantasy, and comedy.

The story follows the main character Seiya, an overpowered character summoned to save a world full of danger. He is the typical OP hero, except for one small detail… he is overly cautious, which makes him use his strongest attacks on even the weakest of enemies, just to make sure they are defeated. Our Hero will buy enormous amounts of supplies and healing items, just in case he needs them. He is the kind of character to be prepared for every possible situation, and that is probably what this world needs.

7. Arifureta



At number 7 on the list of the best isekai anime where mc is Reincarnated in another world, we have Arifureta, which follows the Mc Hajime Nagumo, as he finds himself reborn in an isekai world. Soon after he is transported there, he quickly realizes he has gained very little magic power and is soon after betrayed and left for dead.

It is then that he finds a vampire named Yue, and she joins Hajime on his quest to find a way back home. This show is slightly different from the previously mentioned anime on the list, in that it also falls into the “harem” category. This is because on their journey, Hajime and Yue meet other characters (who just so happen to be girls), and you get the idea…

6. Re: Creators

isekai anime where the mc is Reincarnated


Next up at number 6 there is Re: Creators. I almost want to say this is a reverse isekai, because while it’s true the main character Souta Mizushino travels into an anime that he watched when he returns back to his real world the anime characters from that show is dragged into his world too.

It isn’t just one or two characters either, there are a hugely significant amount of characters that just appear without any explanation.

So in this reverse isekai, instead of Souta trying to find his way home from a fantasy world, he
travels through Japan in search of a way to send all these characters back to their original worlds.

To be honest, it is a rather refreshing change from the “generic isekai” anime where mc is Reincarnated in a fantasy world and clocks in at a relatively short 22 episodes.

5. Kenja No Mago


Following that, at number 5 we have Kenja no Mago. This anime is included in the “romance” genre, as well as the expected action, magic, and fantasy labels.

The main character Shin, is reincarnated as an orphan in the fantasy kingdom of Earlshide.

He is raised by the legendary hero of this kingdom Merlin Walford, in the solitude of the forest.

After displaying an amazing affinity for magic, on his 15th birthday he is sent to the kingdom’s Magic Academy, where he trains further, and this time he develops his social skills as well as his magic.

The academy feels like a regular high school, apart from the amazing feats of magic, as well as fighting off the forces of evil that threaten to destroy the kingdom.

4. KonoSuba


isekai comedy anime


At number 4 we have Konosuba. Otherwise known by its full name Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! On his way home from buying a videogame, the main character Kazuma Satou ends up dying.

All is not over, however, because he shortly wakes up to the goddess Aqua. He is given a choice whether he would like to continue onto heaven or to be reborn in a fantasy world. After choosing to be resurrected, he is given another choice of bringing any one thing to assist him in his quests in this new world.

He ends up choosing the goddess Aqua herself to assist him on his first quest of defeating the Demon King of the world. The only problem, which he will soon find out, is that Aqua is fairly useless, and is very little help to his cause.

This isekai anime where the mc is Reincarnated in another world, is the series that got so many awesome characters that you will never forget! They are Aqua, Satou, and of course Megumin.

3. Youjo Senki


Next on the list at number 3, we have Youjo Senki. Many anime fans have wondered what it would be like to be isekai’d into the anime of their choice, and sometimes fans can spend hours daydreaming about the possibilities.

Unfortunately for the main character of this anime, he is transported to a magical world at war. If this wasn’t confusing wasn’t enough, he is transformed into a girl who earns the name of Tanya the Evil.

Tanya tries to better herself and ends up rising through the military, although the country she is a part of slowly starts to become an enormous empire with every victory Tanya experiences.

2. The Rising of the Shield Hero


At the number 2 position, we have The Rising of Shield Hero. The main character in this anime Naofumi Iwatani is summoned to the kingdom of Melromarc with 3 other people, who are known as the 4 Cardinal Heroes.

Each hero is granted a piece of equipment such as a sword, a bow, a spear, and a shield, which belongs to Naofumi.

The weak offensive capabilities of the shield lead to his ridicule, and later, his abandonment.

He rescues a demi-human slave to accompany him on his quest to save the kingdom and stop the Waves of Catastrophe from decimating the kingdom.

This Isekai anime belongs to genres like action, drama, fantasy, and adventure.

1. That time i Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Finally, at 1st place, we have “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” which is a great sample of a good isekai anime where mc is Reincarnated in another world.

Also known by its Japanese name Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken, this anime is a shounen Isekai anime, meaning it is primarily targeted at young male audiences, and also is categorized in the fantasy genre.

The anime follows Satoru Mikami who while leading a rather monotonous lifestyle in Tokyo, Japan is stabbed. He dies and finds himself to be, you guessed it, reincarnated as a slime in a fantasy world. With his ability to take on almost any shape, he explores the world making new friends along the way.


And that concludes the list for some of the best isekai anime series out there, and this means it is the end of today’s article.

Thank you everyone for reading and we will see you in the next one.

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