Top 20 Best Romance Anime you May Have Never Seen!

Top 20 Best Romance Anime you May Have Never Seen!

Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien

At first, Mitsuki Hayase befriends Takayuki Narumi and his friend because her best friend Haruka Suzumiya has a crush on him. However, she did not expect that they would become best friends as well. Yet, when Haruka confesses her feelings to Takayuki, he accepts so as to not hurt her feelings. While their relationship gets intimate, he and Mitsuki begin to realize their own feelings. However, once accident strikes, things become even more complicated.

Also known as Rumbling Hearts, the synopsis makes it sound like what School Days should have been before the yandere ending, and there is some truth to that. If you have a mind for tragic romances, this can fulfill your desires. However, it is also a great watch because while it is a drama-heavy series, it doesn’t draw it out. It tells a compact story without a lot of bullshitting in just 14 short episodes. It is from the animation era of huge eyes on small heads, but aside from that, it tells an intense and compelling romance drama.

Top 20 Best Romance Anime you May Have Never Seen!

Nogizaka Haruka’s Secret

In an academy filled with elite students, Haruka Nogizaka is the most elite of them all. Beautiful and smart, she is admired by all, especially Yuuto Ayase, a boy that is lucky enough to sit next to her in class. In a twist of fate, Yuuto finds out that she has a secret, that Nogizaka is not perfect, but rather a secret otaku.

Although much younger than Nogizaka, people may be more familiar with this plot from Himouto! Umaru-Chan, where a girl seems perfect but is actually a dirty otaku at home. Anyway, where Umaru-Chan is just comedy and otaku pop culture references, Nogizaka is more about blossoming romance. You know the type, the one where the guy thinks he is out of a girl’s league, but through a secret and a new friendship growing into something more he discovers that she is more attainable than once thought.

Top 20 Best Romance Anime you May Have Never Seen!

His and Her Circumstances

To all appearances, Yukino Miyazawa is the perfect student. However, in secret she works hard to stay beautiful and at the top of her class at night. Yet when she is bested by newcomer Souichiro Arima on exams, she redoubles her efforts, only for him to discover her secret. After blackmailing her to help him out, their odd relationship turns to friendship and then love.

Despite being out for some time, His and Her Circumstances, or Kare Kano, remains supremely under appreciated. Yes, it has the drama of older romance series, but it doesn’t spend too long on the bullshit “do I like him/her or not?” stage that so many series drown in. What is best, though, is that you watch this romance progress throughout the years, well past the high school phase. It is nice when you get to see what a relationship ends up as.

Top 20 Best Romance Anime you May Have Never Seen!

Snow White with the Red Hair

Shiraiyuki is an herbalist that has always stood out because of her brilliant red hair. However, when it catches the eye of Prince Raj, he declares that she shall be his concubine. Not desiring to be such, she flees the country where a chance encounter unites her with Zen, a prince of the country she has fled to. Unlike her other royal dealings, Shiraiyuki and Prince Zen become fast friends.

The only reason that Snow White with the Red Hair is an underrated romance anime is likely its age. Only coming out in 2016, it has made a big impression on those who have watched it. If you like Disney movie romance, this is a lot like that. From the Snow White inspirations right down to the damn whimsical sound track, all those classic romance trappings are there, but with some distinct anime flair.

Think there is another criminally underrated romance anime that belonged on this list? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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