Why Luffy is Called Fifth Emperor Of the Sea!

Why Luffy is Called Fifth Emperor Of the Sea!

Why Luffy is Called Fifth Emperor Of the Sea!

Hi, everyone today I am going to talk about the most hyped topic in one piece fanbase, Luffy the fifth emperor of the sea. In this article I will explain, is it only a Morgans fake news or is it really considerable. Before beginning this topic I want to tell you something important. Everyone has their own perspective so do I. I have no intention of hurting your thoughts or personal opinions about 5th Emperor.

On another note this discussion is based on recent One Piece manga, if you are an only Anime guy then I will recommend you not to go further in.

So without any further delay let’s start discussing Luffy as the 5th Emperor of the Sea.

Why Luffy is the fifth Emperor Of the Sea- Explained

Why Luffy is Called Fifth Emperor Of the Sea!

Many questions come to my mind when I was thinking about it. I will ask you all of them and also my respective answers. In the end, I am sure you will get your answer, you are looking for. let’s start one by one.

Who are the Emperors of the sea?

In my opinion, Yonkos are the strongest pirates who have the influence and power to dominate or give threat to the world Govt as well as marines. They also have their own huge number of fleet members that makes others shiver in fear. Have their own territory to rule and not even marines do anything stupid to fight against them.

We have seen Whitebeard pirates and witnessed their power and influence that totally destroyed whole Marine ford in the war. This is not a title given by the World Govt or Marines. It is all about recognition by the people of One Piece world. They give them the respect or fear whatever you would like to say. This title is more than enough to make other strong and capable pirates come under your wing to save themselves from World Govt, Marines or other pirates.Why Luffy is Called Fifth Emperor Of the Sea!

Why there is only 4 Emperor of the sea?

No one ever mentioned that there has to be 4 Emperors of the sea. We just can not assume it on our own. Actually, there was never been anyone other than Whitebeard, Shanks, Big Mom, and Kaido, who had the power or influence to go against them or have the power to overthrow them. This is the sole reason the number of Emperors remains the same.

After Marine Ford Arc Blackbeard got the power he was looking for and the crew that have the ability to go on per with A Yonko Commanders. We all know that what happened next. He started to take those territories of Whitebeard and that leads to a war against remaining Whitebeard pirates.

At the end of the war, Marco and others lost to the Blackbeard and hide somewhere. This is how he had overthrown the Whitebeard and took his place as Yonko. After that world started to recognize him as the new Emperor of the sea. In other words, the numbers of the Emperors still remains the same.Why Luffy is Called Fifth Emperor Of the Sea!

Now come to the main questions.

Does Luffy justify the title fifth Emperor of the sea?

Why Luffy is Called Fifth Emperor Of the Sea!

He has the largest fleet introduced till now The straw hat grand fleet. There are 5640 people in the fleet excluding Straw Hats. Not only that there are 7 representatives who took part in the battle against Doffy and his representatives and won that. There are also 2 supernovas of their own generation, Bartolomeu, and Cavendish.

Luffy also able to defeat two of Big Moms sweet commanders in their own territory. Destroyed his castle even his tea party. In other words, he has the dare to go against a Yonko. So he should be considered as a superior threat to the World Govt.

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  1. Please change his to her in following sentence as we are talking about BigMom.
    “Destroyed his castle even his tea party.”